Introducing Terminus Labs

Your new auction due diligence platform

The Terminus Auction platform provides a seamless, easy way to navigate, filter, and inspect properties in tax sale auctions all across the US. Utilize the powerful tools to quickly and efficiently determine properties most valuable to you in an auction.

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Filter & Sort

  • Quickly narrow down properties to research only what you want to see

  • Navigate thousands of properties into a manageable list

  • Determine the most profitable properties based on your criteria

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  • Survey the land with our mapping overlay tools.

  • Efficiently review places of interest by zipcode.

  • Search neighborhoods fast and find adjacent properties.



Property Attributes Including

  • Market Value

  • Square Feet

  • Owner

  • Owner Address

  • Construction Permits

  • Assement Data

  • Mortgage & Loan Data

Data Sources

  • Nationwide Data Aggregator

  • MLS

  • Zillow, Trulia, Redfin

  • County Assessor & Recorder

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Inspections & Visuals

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